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Floral Arrangement
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Boho Luxe Dried Installation

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Delicately arranged dried and high quality silk florals.  They look very real and luxurious! Great for someone who orders flowers often, a bridal party, vacation rentals, a business or high temp areas.  Floral installations are long lasting, zero watering, zero maintenance and a one time investment. 

Add fresh blooms to your Arrangement Installation. Make it extra! 

  • Dried Small Palms

  • Dried Large Palms

  • Dried Pampas Grass

  • Silk Mixed Greens

  • Silk White Florals 

  • 1 Keepsake Floral Box

  • 1 Complimentary Card 

We can customize anything. We also have gray and black boxes. And we also can add fresh floral accents.  Give us a call.

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